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by Theepwner at 2:27 AM
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Hey UnchainedMC,

We recently put out an update that adds 1v1 duels (/duel). As of now there is only 1 kit and 3 maps. The kit is a NoDebuff kit, but in the future be sure to expect a Debuff kit and a Gapple kit.

For all you Factions noobs out there, Debuff means it includes other potions such as poison, weakness and slowness, while NoDebuff simply means none of that stuff, only the common fire res and speed pots.

Some info about Duels:
  • mcMMO abilities and gaining xp is disabled in Duels
  • Duels are supposed to only last 5 minutes max, after that time the players remaining will be given a wither effect that will inevitably kill you
  • Currently there is no elo/leaderboard system, but in the future we will add that, as well as a /1v1 that can put you in a 1v1 queue
  • In the future there will also be a Duels wager system, where you can bet money on the outcome of your Duel. (something like /duel (name) (price), and the player you dueled would have to accept the wager)
We just released Duels after many many hours of work put into the plugin, and even just bug testing it in general. If you come across any sort of bug or exploit related to Duels, make sure to tell staff immediately (and privately), as any bug abused will result with an immediate ban from the server. Finders of bugs WILL be rewarded depending on the bug, and if they did not further abuse it.

Well we've got our first bug found. Duels will be disabled until we get a...
by Theepwner at 5:15 AM
(202 Views / 3 Likes)
This is the official Update Log, and can be visited using unchainedmc.net/updates. Almost every change to the UnchainedMC server will be listed here, and bigger updates will still have their own announcement.

  • Re-added /duel, fixed exploits
  • Pistons/sticky pistons work in faction lands now
  • Using the Auction House no longer charges money. (charged $2 by default)
  • Ranks no longer have teleport cooldown (still of course have the 5 second tp delay) (/wild will still have 24 hr cooldown)
  • Teleport cooldown raised from 10 seconds to 15 to make this feature more useful
  • Patched mcMMO spawner exploit, and iron golems will no longer stack till the issue is fully fixed. A few users that exploited this bug had their mcmmo reset for the most part, and in the future exploits will not be taken so lightly.
  • Added fishing pond to spawn, /warp fish
  • Updated MobStacker plugin, and mobs at spawn farms no longer stack
  • Fixed a bug with ranks' permissions in different worlds
  • Being frozen by a moderator now disallows you from placing/destroying blocks
  • Added new Auction House plugin, removed old /auc
  • Added rank...
by Theepwner at 8:30 PM
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Hey UnchainedMC,

It's been about 4 days since the first set of polls were announced, and here we will discuss the results and ask for yet even more feedback.

1. Do you like UnchainedMC Factions?
We received mixed results on this question. The overwhelming majority sided with Yes, but also with no saying they aren't too fond of Factions in general. This 2nd opinion can be expected because UnchainedMC was originally a network consisting of a variety of different gamemodes.

2. If you just don't like Factions in general, would there be a way to change that opinion?
The overwhelming majority put Yes, meaning there must be something that could make it fun for them (if it isn't already).

3. Is it too hard to make money on UnchainedMC Factions?
The majority here sided with no, it is hard but still do-able, but also sided with Yes it is too hard to make money.

4. What type of Factions player are you more like?
The majority voted themselves as a casual survival player, while a good amount did say they were more like a hardcore pvper.

5. Should mcMMO pvp related features be removed?
The majority sided with keeping mcMMO's pvp functionality, but a good amount still did vote for removing that aspect, and many also expressed that this change wouldn't really matter.
by Theepwner at 8:08 PM
(444 Views / 0 Likes)
Hey UnchainedMC,

I've opened many many polls related to Factions and UnchainedMC in general. For the sake of the server, please take these polls seriously as they WILL affect what happens in future updates.

1. http://www.strawpoll.me/11198684
2. http://www.strawpoll.me/11198696
3. http://www.strawpoll.me/11198704
4. http://www.strawpoll.me/11198727
5. http://www.strawpoll.me/11198749
6. http://www.strawpoll.me/11198766
7. http://www.strawpoll.me/11198775

Question 2 Extended:
What could we add to bring some of you old UnchainedMC players back? Something that we could add to Factions of course.

To bring UnchainedMC back to it's true form, we really need the community's thoughts and ideas. How can we ever possibly grow when the vast majority of players playing are new players now? It's obvious that many old timers either moved on from MC, or just don't play UnchainedMC as much as before.


Current Store sale
: http://unchainedmc.net/threads/store-sale-everything-35-off-till-the-30th.3088/
Last announcement thread: http://unchainedmc.net/threads/post-factions-release-1.3083/

~ Theepwner