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UnchainedMC - Minecraft Network

by Theepwner at 4:49 PM
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Hello players of UnchainedMC,

On our release, we are planning on getting some form of paid advertisement to propel this server back to where it once was. But to do this, we need your votes.

The votes that matter are on Vote link 5 at http://unchainedmc.net/pages/vote/. I encourage everyone to vote on all links as well though, every 24 hours. These votes will allow us to be able to get the ads, so without your votes the first few weeks on the new unchainedmc won't be as fun.

A long time ago, before UnchainedMC was released we asked for the communitites help as well, and help we so received. This time around it's a bit harder, so please pass the word around, we need like 300 votes within a weeks time.


Previous announcement:
by bjb060700 at 12:46 AM
(1,038 Views / 2 Likes)
Hello UnchainedMC players!

I have great news! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for! The true return of UnchainedMC!

I think I can speak for all of the staff members when I say, I’m sorry for the delay. With all of the weird and shady things Mojang has been doing with the EULA, it has made it hard for us to want to invest time and money into UnchainedMC. But there is a new hope! It’s called SquidHQ. I’ll explain what it is, and what else we’re doing in this update.

What’s happening to UnchainedMC?

We have decided to continue with the idea of a single factions server as stated in our original update post. More information on it can be seen here http://unchainedmc.net/threads/the-return-of-unchainedmc.3021/


We have decided on some new staff members, a return of some old ones, and some promotions!

First, we have a return of old staff! @RedKid2011 and @Logiqal are now Moderators!

Second, @Dueling is now a Moderator!

Third, @b0oris has been promoted to Administrator!

Fourth, @NDGAM3R and @bjb060700 (myself) have been made Co-Owners of the server!

Be sure to congratulate the new and returning staff on their new positions!

What is SquidHQ?

SquidHQ is, in a nutshell, the savior of Minecraft servers. Essentially, the way Mojang blacklists servers is client side, not allowing the user to join the server if it’s added to the...
by Theepwner at 3:34 AM
(3,261 Views / 5 Likes)
Hello minecrafters,

We've been away for awhile, we as in the upper staff team. But we're ready to continue what we've started. I'm sorry for the unkept promises and the abandonment of the server, but that changes now.

You will see UnchainedMC offline for a bit, maybe not at all depending on how often you come online. But we are transitioning away from a network into a single-server Factions.

Why do this?
Managing a single-server compared to a network is a much easier task. Less things that require updating, and more focus on the quality/speed at which things come out. We think this will make it easier to rebuild the playerbase, and potentially "re-expand" in the future.

What about ranks?

We might be adjusting rank names and ranks in general, but those who purchased a rank will get the equivalent in the new server.

Now what?
All I can say is to continue to be patient, and be ready for the biggest update UnchainedMC has had in a long while. If you want to help us out, feel free to give feature suggestions for Factions down below. Also, make sure to spread the word that UnchainedMC is coming back :). You can expect the server to be up by the 17th, as that is when our planned advertisement should be going up.

Long live UnchainedMC!
- Theepwner, bjb060700, and NDGAM3R

Better to come back late than never.


Do to Mojang (microsoft), we do not know if it is viable to...
by DivineWar at 2:17 PM
(1,381 Views / 0 Likes)
Hello UnchainedMC!

Factions v2 was released early today.

The Release:

The release was set to today 28-th Saturday!

For one Week we make a 33% Reset Sale @store.unchainedmc.net

The Features:

Here it is!
As you see we make 33% reset sale, and i add too many new things at the store:
- Elite Donator Kit
- Legend Donator Kit
- GOD Donator Kit
- Battle Kit
Crate Keys:
- 5 Super Keys
- 5 Ultra Keys
- 5 Legendary Keys
- Rank God (specifications below)
You can check our Crate Keys at http://store.unchainedmc.net
Vote, Super, Ultra and Legendary Crate Keys.
With the crate keys you have chance to get a best rewards, items, money and more..
You can check the rewards at the Store.
Colored Tab:
Every player, have specific color in the tab, new players or donator.
Example when you click the key TAB, you will see the color what players nicknames have.
Rank GOD:
The new rank God, about Factions server have:
New permissions for Disguise.
New kit God.
Beautiful and Bold Prefix, Suffix.
Green Bold color in the Tab (Colored Tab feature)
More... (You can check here:...​